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Is your business ready for a 4th Industrial Revolution and post COVID-19 business environment?

Is your business ready for a 4th Industrial Revolution and post COVID-19 business environment?

Only through curiosity can we discover opportunities.

Clarence Birdseye

Value Creator Webinars

Our monthly WEBINAR AND VIRTUAL NETWORKING EVENT provides you with an opportunity to learn more about STARTING or MANAGING, GROWING and SCALING a VALUABLE business.  The content is “value focused” and covers business development strategies, digital transformation products and a whole lot more to help you build a business that is ready for a post COVID-19 and 4th industrial revolution business environment.

Companies that solely focus on competition will ultimately die. Those that focus on value creation will thrive.

Edward de Bono

Virtual Networking

Our VIRTUAL NETWORKING SESSION in our networking lounge provides attendees with an opportunity to network with other attendees – to connect, engage and do business.  Our feature rich and engaging networking platform provides a great opportunity for business owners, entrepreneurs and SMEs to engage within a contactless business environment.

South Africa is a country built on possibility. Possibility lies in making a difference and creating value from a situation - without denying that certain issues exist.

Benjamin Zander

uPCOMING Value Creator Connect Events

value creator connect
Learn & Connect
Our monthly VALUE CREATOR CONNECT online events are where you will learn more about topics, interventions and business development tools and processes that can add value to your business.  During the online event you will also get an opportunity to network with other attendees in our VIRTUAL NETWORKING SESSIONS.

OPERATION INOCULATION ...... are you ready for 2022?

It has been a tough year all around for SMEs in 2021.  As you take a moment in December to catch your breath, to rest and recharge for 2022, what are you going to change in your business so that 2022 will be different to 2021?  December provides a great opportunity to look at your business and how you can manage, grow and scale your business next year.

Join us as we explore some ideas and quick wins that you can put in place over December to start 2022 on a different footing!

We will also be looking at the roadmap going forward for THE VALUE CREATOR ECOSYSTEM and what is launching at the start of 2022 to help you manage, grow and scale a VALUABLE business.  Do not miss this exciting and engaging “value focused” virtual event for business owners, entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Webinar & Virtual Networking Event

Tuesday, 07 December 2021 | 09h30 - 11h30

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Learn, network, connect and engage at our monthly virtual networking event.  Join us as we look at the concept of VALUE CREATION and why that is important for business owners, entrepreneurs and SMEs.

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Tickets are limited for the VALUE CREATOR CONNECT online event and are available on a first booked basis.  There are no refunds.  We reserve the right to postpone the event to a later date.

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We help business owners, entrepreneurs and SMEs to START, MANAGE, GROW and SCALE a VALUABLE business.