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About The Value Creator Ecosystem


Value Creator Connect is our monthly online virtual networking event which provides an opportunity to learn, engage and connect with other business owners in our growing VALUE CREATOR COMMUNITY.
Value Creator Lab is an online membership platform focused on helping business owners understand how to develop their business ventures across four strategic value focused interventions.  
Value Creator Summit is our annual online virtual summit with talks, virtual exhibition booths, technology and business development solutions to help you GROW and SCALE a VALUABLE business.

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About Smart Business Solutions

Smart Business Solutions has been providing business development solutions to entrepreneurs and SMEs for the last 8 years.  Our experience in both the corporate space and as entrepreneurs helps us in understanding the difficulties of STARTING, MANAGING, GROWING and SCALING a business.  Our service and solutions focus not only on providing strategies and solutions to problems but also on implementing and managing these solutions for our clients.  Building a technology stack for a business is essential if a business is to compete in the future, especially in light of the impact of the 4th industrial revolution on the way we do business.  Our global cloud based technology solution partners have solutions that can help you!

Your Dream ….. Our Mission


We don’t believe people are born with an entreprenuerial skillset.  We do however believe that with the proper guidance, mentorship and motivation, and individual can develop an entrepreneurial skillset that will enable them to START, MANAGE, GROW and SCALE a business and move from being a TECHNICIAN in their business, to a MANAGER and ultimately and ENTREPRENEUR.
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We help business owners, entrepreneurs and SMEs to START, MANAGE, GROW and SCALE a VALUABLE business.